Gallery Rocky Foreshores

The North Cornish and North Devon rocky coastlines provide fascinating walking exploration.  Early autumn has an increased swell resulting in crashing waves, as seen at St Ives point.  Featured rocks there are darkest brown-black and lighter grey which can have really bright orange lichen where the tide never reaches. These colours are seen in many artists’ work of the area.

The coast path has locally typical Thrift flowers growing in lines of clumps on the cliff edge. Normally pale pink, here dried, they seem to love being on the edge in this growth manner, where they are typically found.  Autumn shows them in dried form, but still attractive against the dark rocks below.

The flatter rocks, by comparison, which form the beach at low tide in Hartland area, South of Westwood Ho, are covered in an entire landscape of brown classic bubbled seaweed.  In between are some of the finest shallow rock pools I’ve seen, with multi genus of seaweeds and crustacea of all sizes. I had many photos of many pools and arrangements, but unfortunately knocked one mobile camera into one, whilst balancing to take some extras of the best ones of these beauties with an old iPhone4; now the only ones left.  This deserted beach stretch is the place to go for rock pools, accessible only by the coast path.  Notable for gigantic pebbles, of at least 6 inches and larger.

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