Blake and the Left Hemisphere

Roderick Tweedy's 'The God of the Left Hemisphere'  shows how William Blake thought about the limitations on mankind's spiritual state, imposed through religious doctrine and lineal measuring of science.  His character Urizen represents analytical left brain domination.  In today's late stage civilization (Morgeth/Spengler) Blake's characterisation seems to represent  ideas which have led to today's totalitarianism, where we have reached a point of technocratic control which we may not be able to live apart from.

Corroborating Blake's ideas, Tweedy writes how Jill Bolte Taylor had a heamorrage in her left brain, then subsequently she described how different her mind was, more in the moment, less analytical of self, with right brain dominant.

'The God of the Left Hemisphere' - Blake, Bolte Taylor, and the Myth of Creation by Roderick Tweedy

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