ROSE Madam Alfred Carriere

The first flush in May has over one hundred pure white traditionally scented rose blooms, whereas later summer flowers have slight peachy tinge to centres and more frilly petals.  By September they open peachy, turning to white as petals open wider.  Pruning directly after flowering facilitates more fresh blooms throughout summer, in a sparcer show.  They last a few days depending on weather and fall apart 3-4 days after bringing indoors.  Rain can result in magenta spots on petals.  At 15 feet, I had to build a platform to prune it!

Refs: 'Climber noisette rose, vigorous and thornless, hybridised in France by J. Schwartz in 1879'   RHS gold Merit.  

Photographs can be purchased in full size resolution and up to 55 inches wide. Please enquire (To be marketed in future when paper/material decided). Mural commissions taken for any image, or adaptation thereof.