RV Designs Nature & Geometry

RESONANT VISIONS artwork by Amelia Jane Hoskins.  Overview of inspirational works using own photographs, exploring the natural fluid forms of flowers and plants together with formal geometry.

Developing painting designs using flower forms incorporating background geometry

Roses floating between Celtic borders

Celtic art on metal and stone artifacts utilises spiralling growth of nature, stems and leaves formed into mathematical spirals and loops as seen in many varied circular Triskele designs.  Celtic border designs sometimes incorporate animal forms. .  These ideas also shown on my mural portfolio site HERITAGE MURALS.

Celtic engraving in gold in partial painting

Wood circle designs for wind chimes

Circles with spirals and real rose centred

Partial circle design with pansies

More designs under this Menu Heading.

Photographs can be purchased in full size resolution and up to 55 inches wide. Please enquire amelia-jane-hoskins@protonmail.com (To be marketed in future when paper/material decided). Mural commissions taken for any image, or adaptation thereof.