Seed Pod Shapes - Nigella - Salsify - Woad - Poppy

Seed pods have fascinating shape structures; spheres, spirals, barrels and star shapes designed to protect seed growth and disperse seeds.  Shapes form in harmony with the energy from the centre of the plant, in harmony with the cosmos, like stars and galactic formations: 'as above so below'.

NIGELLA - Barrel shaped with 5 or 6 top opening seed escape channels.   The top spiral twisted filaments form from the soft stamens in the flower centre.  White Nigella flowers produce burgundy and green coloured pods, whereas blue Nigella produce all burgundy pods. As pods become dry they lose colour and change to white/silver.  Seeds rattle and pods stay white through winter.  Wind movement allows the black seeds to be dispersed. The papery barrel sides give way through weathering and eventually the seeds fall out.  They are well protected in the rounded bumper segmented design of the pods. Culinary and medicinal uses.  See Nigella designs.

SALSIFY - Full globe, with each seed nestled in central hub point, with stem extending to feathery umbrella to float away on as a parachute.  Feathery star parachutes form inside green outer sepals of flower, which open when seeds are ready.  Star shapes at the end of the seed prong, sit tightly together forming the globe, actually holding the elongated seeds in place which only 'sit' in a dimple at the hub.  Gradual enlargement and drying out means the wind will blow the seeds off from the central hub when they are ready.  Culinary use roots.

WOAD - Droplet, lozenge shaped with one seed in each pod.  Many droplets on radial stems, all of which droop a little under their weight of several branches in spoked spiral formation around main plant stem, which from sideways or from above, gives appearance of a chandelier. with dangling crystal droplets. I the wind the branches 'rattle'.  Fabric dye blue, mauve and grey. (links)

POPPY - (oriental featured) - Barrel shaped, segmented for strength, with 12 pointed crown at top, developed from 12 pointed star seen at the centre of the flower stamens bud.  Pods start green, developing to beige and brown with often a blue tone.  Attractive large pods used as decorations.

IRIS WILD type, has brilliant orange seeds formed within elongated pods (like peas).  The pods open out like a star to spring out the seeds.

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