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07 Jun

Centropy Entropy The Cycle of Life

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Time is an important consideration in appreciating the natural world.  Entropy is just as interesting to the eye - a reverse process of creation - as fascinating as new growth spirals.  Inner structure is slowly revealed, as layers fall away, following the initial growth pattern.  The effect of elements such as water on wood, or stone create smooth curvatures of the structure.

Attractive contrast of purple heather with dried wood.  The decaying tree blends with the environment as it disintegrates by layers, gradually revealing its structure.  Decay is always amidst the living nature, as the heather and ferns also decay to rust colour.  All the elements show the cycle of life.

All nature has a feeling: Woods, fields, brooks

are life eternal: and in silence they

speak happiness beyond the reach of books;

There's nothing mortal in them; their decay

is the green life of change; to pass way

and come again in blooms revivified.

its birth was heaven, eternal in its stay,

and with the sun and moon shall still abide

beneath their day and night and heaven wide

~ John Clare 1793 -1864

Cycles of integration and disintegration are shown in the work of Walter Russell working at the turn of the 20th Century.

Cosmology, physics and study of energy are just catching up with the ideas of Russell's work.  See images on 'Natural Science' board.

Growth life of plants is centred in he light absorbing point at the top of the stalk - the uprising of water gives energy to develop the bud, increasing he toroidal energy which becomes the flower; mostly in a perfectly circular radiating form like stars.  The perfect flower receives light energy which is channeled into the vortex centre to form the seeds.  The diagram rings represent the dispersal of energy, while the flower decays, but the new seed of life has already been made in the crucible centre, turning into seed pods, a 'space ship' for the eventual dispersal into space of the seeds.

Crafts with Old Materials

Crafting of old into new appeals to my philosophy of no waste.  The manufacturing of things only to be discarded at an 'end life' time seems a waste, one which never occurs in nature.  Mass production has conditioned people to only want new things, but there can be value in the quality of time affecting something.  For that reason, I use all second hand furniture in my home and love to give wood a new life with a paint treatment and design decoration.

Life cycles in nature, discarded clothes (textiles) start a new life when combined with other discarded fabrics of good lasting quality.  Recycling and repairing of printed fabrics absorbs me because of the thrill of compiling complimentary colours and design in a new order, to create something I would never have thought of without the limitation or 'brief' found within the coordinations.  This gives me a skeletal framework for bespoke garment making, as well as a new inspiration for paintings on silk to add to the garment design.

30 May


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Blake's image of Newton under the sea being the measuring architect, illustrates all that may be hidden from him, by using measuring alone.

In your bosom you bear your heaven and earth and all you behold; tho'it appears without, it is within, in your imagination'.

'Like many of Blake's statements, this can seem bewildering and mystical at first glance, but when we reread it we see that Blake was being clear and concise.' (John Higgs, Blake vs the World, Ch. 4).

All that exists in the material world started as an idea in someone's imagination.  Now that we live in such a provided-for physically built environment, and since the industrial revolution, its possible to believe in only the material world, things we can see and touch, which are already there.  Blake foresaw the demise of belief in the inner creativity, the mystical, spiritual or creative experiences;  just as the demise of religious dogmas was in the ascendent during the Enlightenment and Newton's physics brought the age of scientism.  In The Book of Urizen Blake illustrates his concern that reasoning and laws of science limit infinite possibility.  [My post on Urizen]

"Spread a Tent, with strong curtains around them

Let cords and stakes bind the void

that Eternals may no more behold them."

They began to weave curtains of darkness

They erected large pillars around the Void

With golden hooks fastened in the pillars

With infinite labour the Eternals

A woof wove, and called it Science

Much of Blake's poetry and artwork is built upon his insight that "without contraries there is no progression. Attraction and Repulsion, Reason and Energy, Love and Hate are necessary to Human existence."   The very definition of one implies the other exists; described by the 600BC philosopher Lao Tsu:

'Being and non-being create each other.
Difficult and easy support each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low depend on each other.
Before and after follow each other.'

23 Apr

Tulips Petal Shapes

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Tulips which changed colours from Cadmium Red to peach pink and burgundy

First planting 2022:  Bright dense red with a bronze early appearance. Orangey petal flares and yellow centres. Seven images show how as the tulips age, petals turn to peach blending to pale pink which is predominant on petal edges when the sunlight  catches their luminosity.  The previously black centre changes to burgundy.  Grasses in their wintry dried form make an excellent backdrop to tulips planting.

Tulip Salmon Van Eijk from 2021 planting: Reappeared, with their cerise inner pink delicately blended to pale pink outer petals, contrasting with a deep violet centre.

17 Mar

Grand Mullein

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Mullein leaves make a light gold silk dye Plants take 2 years to produce the yellow flowers on tall spikes which are attractively bright.  The fury leaves were used historically to make slow burning torches.

I annoy my allotment neighbours allowing Grand Mullein to grow (up to 7 feet). they are frightened of the hundreds of thousands of seeds dispersal.  I've been told the seeds are narcotic and dangerous to fish, so I havn't used them.

09 Mar

Blake – Newton – Urizen

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Science and Imagination

'The great French philosopher Voltaire would remark, “we are all now disciples of Newton”. They were all “asleep”, Blake gravely noted, "intent on reducing the divine relationships and character to straight lines, parabolas, and ratios".

The Creation of Light: William Blake and Francisco de Holanda 

Blake accepted the new science and cosmology discovered by Newton.  He even took lessons in mathematics; but thought the age of reason was being too rational, ignoring spiritual aspects of any collective consciousness carried through the ages.  He was probably one of the earliest psychological enquirers.  He knew life is far more than any restrictive organisation into lines and numbers,  to which purpose he created a character 'Urizen' to represent what he sees as the limitations of Newton.

Now I a fourfold vision see,
And a fourfold vision is given to me;
‘Tis fourfold in my supreme delight
And threefold in soft Beulah’s night
And twofold Always. May God us keep
From Single vision & Newton’s sleep!

William Blake, Letter to Thomas Butts, 2nd October 1800

Book:  'ETERNITY'S SUNRISE' by Leo Damrosch


“Deduct from a rose its redness,” he wrote, “from a lily its whiteness, from a diamond its hardness, from a sponge its softness, from an oak its height, from a daisy its lowness, and rectify everything in nature as the philosophers do, and then we shall return to chaos.”        William BLAKE

From Damrosch:  'Blake understood these implications and utterly despised them.  Damrosch's quote from a modern science historian expresses how in the age of discovery it was feared harmony and creativity would suffer.  We now see in 2022 how this is happening with the march of technocracy.

The world that people had thought themselves living in [before empiricism] a world rich with colour and sound, redolent with fragrance, filled with gladness, love and beauty, speaking everywhere of purposive harmony and creative ideals - was now crowded into minute corners of the brains of scattered organic beings. The really important world outside was a world hard, cold, colourless, silent, and dead; a world of quantity, a world of mathematically computable motions in mechanical regularity.” '

Damrosch: ''Newton wrote:
 "God formed matter in solid, massy, hard, impenetrable, movable particles,” which resemble each other just as much “as the sands on the shore.” Whenever we open our eyes, the stream of particles strikes our retinas and triggers signals in the brain."

In response to Newton's description of the matter, Blake had his own response.  He would not have disagreed with Newton’s description of the ways in which light always behaves (a credible science study); only that it ignores the metaphysical, to wit he explores light in his paintings.  In this respect Blake was more a psychologist and spiritualist with a focus on consciousness.  He wrote a poem about this.

And every sand becomes a gem
Reflected in the beams divine
Blown back they blind the mocking eye
But still in Israel’s paths they shine
The atoms of Democritus
And Newton’s particles of light
Are sands upon the Red Sea shore
Where Israel’s tents do shine so bright

Damrosch:   'He envokes a great symbolic story, the Exodus from bondage to freedom. The light that illuminates that journey is a spiritual force, not a hailstorm of material particles.'

He used a Biblical analogy with Israel which fits with his own preoccupation with Biblical illustrations.  This shows Blake foresaw the reductionist method of science which would in general terms, develop in a way which would divorce humanity from a spiritual or divine existence.    Now in 2022, we see that technology and pharmaceutical science have become reductionist, with no general conversation about the divine and metaphysical life as a backbone to their advances..

Blake explained how spiritual light is not just a matter of material particles; that it was not correct to describe everything in reductionist form.  He welcomed the move away from religious orthodoxy, but did not want that to mean the loss of all meanings.  We cannot nowadays know exactly how the new 'scientific' mindset of 1700s was affecting people's outlook on their future.

To see the world in a grain of sand,
and heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour.

He may have been inspired by 17th century German mystic, Jacob Boehme, who wrote:

“When I take up a stone or clod of earth and look upon it, then I see that which is above and that which is below; yea, I see the whole world therein.”

Damrosch:  That kind of mysticism is very different from the kind that dismisses the visible world as mere illusion.  Once, leafing through Constable’s sketchbook, Blake commented on a drawing of trees, “Why, this is not drawing, but inspiration.” “I never knew it before,” Constable replied, no doubt with a smile. “I meant it for drawing".

Eternity, likewise, is present in each moment of lived experience; it is the river of time in which we are continuously immersed. He coined a memorable term for it. “The Eternal Now”

Eternity is in love with the productions of time

Blake - ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell’.

Note:  Some writers of their day - thoughts on Newtonian Physics:
Nature and Nature’s laws lay hid in night;
God said, “Let Newton be!” and all was light.                      Alexander Pope.
Newton with his prism and silent face,
The marble index of a mind for ever
Voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone.        William Wordsworth

Energy is the only life and is from the Body and Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy.      William Blake

Urizen misunderstood

To promote the Blake retrospective exhibition at the Tate in 2019, his last artwork was projected on the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral.  Either they thought it an 'image of God' or they are complicit in promoting Blake's own idea of 'Urizen as Satan', the measurer and controller of all things.  The latter seems fitting these days when all things; political health and media are under more and more control.  Visionary and prophetic Blake would be up in arms about how things are going today, and be saying 'I warned you..!'

Blake's outlook on the rationally measured world was a recurrent theme pursued in his character URIZEN until his death.  Even though science has advanced civilization by technology, in 2020's we see just how far 'rational' science has come, all the way to nuclear weapons, bioweapons and biotech modifications; towards the planned alteration of humans. Medicine was hijacked by big oil.  We can imagine Blake today would be ranting about biotechnology and technocracy.

02 Mar

Visionary Light Painters

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Blake and Francisco de Holanda

One of the greatest achievements of artists is to show the knowledge, understanding and consciousness of their own era.  Holanda's geometric vision of cosmic creation, which must have been ‘out of this world’ in 1545, shows the great interest in science, whilst still including 'God the creator'.

The First Day of Creation, by Francisco de Holanda (1545)

Holanda uses spectacular overlapping triangles of light leading into a vortex, creating the world with atmosphere.   Now we know the universe is electric, it makes perfect sense.  Holando's work was only discovered in mid-20th century in an obscure notebook in National Library of Spain. Its clear he was profoundly influenced by visionary contemporary philosopher Jacob Boehme; whom Blake also revered.

Light as Life Force

Holanda combines the human figure as ethereal God with power of light in 'Light of Creation' with Alpha and Omega at his fingertips; a purist Biblical vision, but combining the advancing knowledge of physics.  We can interpret this image today as a fine depiction of the electric universe, which science is still catching up with. The figure of 'God' is neither here nor there in being either correct or incorrect: it serves as a symbol of divine creation.

Both Blake and Holanda were visionary painters of both human and cosmic energy, aware of developments in cosmology and mathematics in attempting to understand the creation of the universe.

Blake (with his knowledge of modern politics and Freemasons even in 1800s ) takes the idea of the Sun as God (Pagan origins worldwide) in 'Satan In His Original Glory'  1805; Subtitled 'Thou Wast Perfect in Thy Ways from the Day That Thou Was Created, Till Iniquity Was Found in Thee”  as the outcome of total rationalisation The sun is beautifully depicted by a body in golden light, but around it are humanity being tossed about in the Sun's power.  Despite the worship of the Sun throughout mankind's history, as life giver, Blake saw the weakness in single minded cults, and was right to be concerned, now we know science has run amok which is far removed from the natural environment Blake so revered in his poetry.

Blake is aware of the 'Luciferian' god of light of the Illuminati Order, known to Blake through his knowledge of Freemasonry, with lineage from Zoroastrian and Babylonian 'sun god'.  For Blake, focusing on 'light' as a divinity is a mistaken frame of mind, which has been used to control mankind for all time.  The Sun-Satan holds the royal orb and sceptre of control, with all of human activity floating in its wake, after the French Revolution. Blake reverses the hands holding the orb and sceptre, indicating the fall of Christianity and Kings: easily relatable to British vs America war.

Today we could interpret Blake's painting as the disguise of bio-techno-Satanists introducing genetic modification for their idea of a great new future of Luciferian transhumanism, with the people as flotsam and jetsom surviving under the controls of technocracy which holds all the controls over science.  Blake's work was moving towards consciousness of human spirit.

Both Blake and Holanda depict a dark red background orb, the heat of energy or the sun, as seen similarly in Blake's Ancient of Days,  which also depicts geometric ordering, or measuring.  The architect's tool is again forming the triangle.

Photo author's own from Blake exhibition Tate Gallery, London 2020, shows accurate colours.

Referenced from Blog TheHumanDivine To be continued....

04 Jan

Satan and Totalitarianism

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Paradise Lost - Satan - Blake - Jordan Peterson

The 18th Century concept of atheistic science as Satan has resonance in 2022 with the emergent biotech developments towards an AI driven sci-fi transhumanist agenda, obviously a ludicrous wrong turn for science and technology.  Artificial intelligence companies funded by big tech already suggest their AI system will be a god, with the likes of Kurzweil talking of a church of AI. [link]  In 2021-2022 many believe big pharma is engaged with world elites in an experimental genocidal plan for a new globalised 'reset'.  It could be 'mass murder' as Peterson suggests is indeed coming with totalitarianism.

William Blake:  Heaven vs Hell

The doorway to the future awaits the couple showing a future of ascendency through hot and cold flames representative of 'heaven and hell' in life's reality.   Beyond the ocean of time, figures ascend the distant hills of development.  The painting is about Blake's universe of balance, expressed in 'contraries' which exist in counterpoint to one and another, that there is no progression without them.  In fact we can only identify one aspect because the other aspect exists.

"contraries and oppositions - love and hate, expansion and contraction, opaqueness and translucence, reason and energy, attraction and repulsion, these are the poles of his world, where Without Contraries is no progression."

~ William Blake

In 2022 the world is becoming more totalitarian despite lessons from history on absolute power; a long way from the utopian world we could envisage in the 1960s.  Technocracy is in the ascendant and beginning to organise itself to remove freedoms to keep its power.

The larger you build a system the more there is proclivity to worship it as if it is everything; build as large as possible.  "tendency of the rational mind to produce totalitarianism and to fall in love with it, like the tower of Babel and nothing outside them is allowed to exist." ~ Jordan Peterson

People know the balance has gone too far in favour of ruling technocratic oligarchies who have more power than governments.  We can look at the thinking of 18th Century writers and artists who were concerned how the rise of atheism after the rationality of the philosophy of The Enlightenment would affect society.

Blake's outlook on the rationally measured world was a recurrent theme pursued in his character URIZEN until his death.  Even though science has advanced civilization by technology, in 2020's we see just how far 'rational' science has come, all the way to nuclear weapons, bioweapons and biotech modifications; towards the planned alteration of humans. Medicine was hijacked by big oil.  We can imagine Blake today would be ranting about biotechnology and technocracy.

Urizen misunderstood

To promote the Blake retrospective exhibition at the Tate in 2019, his last artwork 'The Ancient of Days' was projected on the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral.  Either they thought it an 'image of God' or they are complicit in promoting Blake's own idea of 'Urizen as Satan', the measurer and controller of all things.  The latter even seems plausible these days when all things; political health and media are under more and more control.  Visionary and prophetic Blake would be up in arms about how things are going today, and be saying 'I warned you..!'

For Blake, his imaginative Urizen is mankind ruled by science. Poetry and figures of Urizen represent rationalised science of those believing to have god like capabilities to control humankind, which Blake, like Milton, envisioned with pending doom for humanity.

'Urizenic Rationality itself is the program that has been expelled from Eternity, through challenging the role of the “transcendent function”, as Peterson suggests, and decides instead to create a world in its own fallen image: the world of Representation and Division, over which it can have power.' 

~ TheHumanDivine

Blake and Milton warned of a technocratic age of scientific 'reason' devoid of spirituality.  [Add Milton quotes] One idea of heaven and hell, good and bad times; is that they will always come, in different forms.  Tyranny of the people we know from history.  Poets, artists and philosophers consider the quality of life and the state of the world.  Psychologist, Jordan Peterson wrote Maps of Meaning which includes ideas from Blake.  He is a popular lecturer as people are refreshed by the idea of having a focus on meaning in their lives in a highly technocracized world.

Jordan B Peterson, clinical psychologist, gives talks on religion and totalitarianism.  The figure of Satan to Blake and Milton is one of humanity believing itself divine with ownership of science.  Peterson interprets Milton's Paradise Lost - When people are denied their mythological history it leads them  "to gravitate towards nihilism, or as a counter position, to totalitarianism". (in the C20th)  In the background the existentialists were looking for ways to avoid ideological totalitarianism.  Peterson says 'We know the next step is mass murder'!

"The immediate consequence, from Milton’s perspective, was that as soon as Satan decided that what he knew was sufficient, and that he could do without the transcendent—which you might think about as the domain outside of what you know—immediately, he was in hell. I was studying totalitarianism when I read Paradise Lost. I thought the true poet, like a prophet, is someone who has intimations of the future. Maybe that’s because the poetic mind—the philosophic or poetic mind—is a pattern detector."

     ~ Jordan B Peterson - Taken from essay in

Peterson lecture What We Should Learn from Milton’s Paradise Lost 

Milton is incorporated into the corpus of christianity. Milton tried to justify 'being' to human beings. Satan is an intellectual figure, the 'evil scientist motif'. The human intellect falls in love with its own productions.  Milton’s hypothesis was that the element of the psyche – the spiritual element of the psyche that characterised the rational mind – would, by its proclivity to produce these totalising systems, end up casting itself into Hell.

How 'the Divine' can protect against Totalitarianism

Jordan Peterson and Peter Robinson of Hoover Inst. at Stanford (March 2022) again makes a case for a society based on the divine (including natural free speech) as a protector against totalitarianism.  He suggests starting values would be truth, justice and beauty "some good allies"!

With the underpining idea that our society is based on Judeo-Christianity, he defines 'divine' without it having to relate to a godhead religion. ...... [Notes and quotes to complete]  Acting without self consciousness. (living naturally without forced rulings) is living in God, being God.  When the divinity of mankind is considered this way: any ruling forces of power, socialist constructs, the worst being totalitarianism; all reduce or take away the individual enterprise and free thought which are replaced by social engineered mind sets.

Jordan explains how the youth have little to live for after a Marxist education, which instils guilt into their innocent existence.  “Its very hard to write a description of the world, without being informed by some value structure”. Postmodernists went wrong when they turned to Marxism to answer that question, organising our questions under the Nietchzean term ‘will to power’.  "An appalling doctrine...There’s no evidence that power structures our relationships".

This divinity is further explained in McGilchrist's interview [link]; how society has in the main lost contact with a 'divine' or 'sublime' concept truth beauty and justice.

The Number of The Beast is 666

This image would not be out of place in 2022.  The lamb in the painting is the 'lamb of God' with human hands signifying the people below which appear as a flock of sheep.  The white satan may represent  consciousness of the original 'good satan angel' who points in an opposite direction to the focus of the dragon winged 'bad satan': this would fit with ‘coincident oppositore’.

"Milton did the first psychoanalytic study of malevolence and evil. God’s highest Angel, who was Satan, Lucifer, the Bringer of Light, the Spirit of Rationality, tormented a rebellion against God in Heaven and was cast into Hell as a consequence. …Satan, as the highest Angel in God’s heavenly Kingdom, is a personification of the tendency of the Rational Mind to produce totalitarian systems and then to fall in love with them ."

~ Jordan Peterson

Blake ‘coincident oppositore’  is the unity of opposites . Blake unifies body of God with body of satan.

Blake hides his political commentary within the biblical stories, as parables, almost as a political cartoonist.  He removed text from God of Light.  Censorship is nothing new and he was almost imprisoned for his beliefs and associations.  He was a radical 'dissenter' who also moved in Freemason circles: as a politically thinking man would need to know the plans of the day.  We cannot know exactly the oppressiveness of his time.  He would have agreed with Swedenborg's ideas of dismantling the overarching power of church as State, but not the dismantling of Christianity in total.

Lucifer And The Pope in Hell - 1805

Religion no longer has a central place in society as it did in Blake's time when he read the Bible avidly as a child, and as an engraver made many Biblical illustrations, both his own and commissions; being a popular subject for the new printing of the age.  Being consistently against powerful organised state religion he wasn't afraid to ridicule the Pope in his art.

The Pope is chained to Lucifer; unable to escape evil, while Kings who have followed the Pope lie in the depths of hell. interesting to note Lucifer has scales as part serpent.  Evil is often seen in Blake's art as a serpent engulfing men who have succumbed to evil; seen here as one man falls into hell.

Snake Biting Vanni Fucci (Dante)

Serpents are poised ready to attack Vanni Fucci, as he seems to defy God.  The flames of hell are not far away.  Innocent angelic ladies are often depicted observing events, which may signify Blake's respect for women, who we know he was always ready to champion if a woman was in harm's way.

“We are looking at the primordial serpent right in the eye right now and we have the opportunity to cut its head off”

     ~ Dr Zelenko.  Interview on Infowars  A modern statement on the times where the serpent is big pharma.

Ian McGilchrist in his book 'The Matter of Things' extrapulates the reason behind thinking in terms of all life having contraries in dipolar force to make a whole.  He discusses the need for meaning and putting reason back into the world Iain McGilchrist: The Coincidence of Opposites

[to continue... writers on conjugates and link MU holons]

[create new post on paintings which represent conjugates]

Blake's outlook on the rationally measured world was a recurrent theme pursued in his character URIZEN until his death.  Even though science has advanced civilization by technology, in 2020's we see just how far 'rational' science has come, all the way to nuclear weapons, bioweapons and biotech modifications; towards the planned alteration of humans. Medicine was hijacked by big oil.  We can imagine Blake today would be ranting about biotechnology and technocracy.

01 Oct

Poppy Pods Eleven Painting

Experimental painting on wood.  The colours explore the effects seen in the dried seed pods.  Lilac and aubergine were emphasised in the final version.  Central background shape is a birds eye view over a poppy pod; seen as cream tops in the painting. Deep blue-green multi fused background application acts as contrast with deep space connotations.

Photographs can be purchased in full size resolution and up to 55 inches wide. Please enquire (To be marketed in future when paper/material decided). Mural commissions taken for any image, or adaptation thereof.