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05 Jul

Resonant Fractals

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Geometry is the Language of the Universe

Physics and ancient medicine point to the same fractal patterns in the universe. Resonance Talks video explains this in relation to the bioelectrical map, the nervous system; not only within the body but relating outwardly.  Speaker talks about tetrahedron formations.

Resonance Talks: Fractal Anatomy & a World of Health with Meredith Sands Keator.

Spiral Compression in Mathematics and Nature

Image credit: (see related sphere)

Physics mathematics shows a sphere can be compressed to a point through spiralling.  Above image shows enlarged surface area of a sphere in twisting corrugation.

The Connected Universe, Official Trailer 2016

Orbital  Planetary  Spirals

Spiral Suspension

A tight spiral, by virtue of its extension potential, carries good strength in the case of this cucumber tendril support.  Its very strong, when pulled, as a metal spring would be, to hold the heavy cucumbers along the stalk.  I originally gave the shorter stalk some string support, hoping it would trail along the washing line, but it actually found very firm supports, as it might do in undergrowth.  Does it 'calculate' the strength needed in tendrils (spiral compression-elasticity) from the total area of light mass received in the leaf sizes?

Cucumber Intelligence - knows to increase the spiral strength, and therefore elasticity, to support the weight of 12 setting cucumbers - Nature's intelligence beyond 'Artificial Intelligence'

Fern Spirals

Nature proves the above mathematical spiral compression theory in reverse!  Ferns unfold from embedded spirals.  How do all those leaf parts get into such a small space? As the plant received the energy, or light, this ancient plant responds by unfolding, becoming a solar panel.

Seed Hubs in Spiral Form

Salsify flowers:  Even in the seed formation phase, spiralling can be seen on the remaining seed hub from where the seeds parachute from.  The indentations from where the parachute seeds develop shows clearly the spiral format.  (better in real life)  First the flower attracts lots of light to its stamen centre, then this is converted into seed formation.  Interestingly the Salsify flower closes every day at mid-day, with green sepals covering over closed.  Could it be it needs the remainder of the day to 'process' the light stored and convert to seed energy for the hub?

27 Apr

Resonant Art

Illustrations and designs are 'resonant' when they reflect a sublime order or understanding of nature and the cosmos which resonates with the observer.  Aspects of colour and tone can have similar effects as music or poetry, connecting human thoughts and emotions, which artists have explored to understand the human condition and history.

Art which connect ideas

Image of cross with circle pattern connects spirituality of religion. The light behind, appearing as a glimpse, represents spiritual illumination in this setting. Photographic observation connects resonance of meaning.

Tulip Sunset Silhouette

Flower silhouette resonates with Celtic cross image by way of its shape (circular with stem) and its background of sunset.  The Celtic circle is likely representing life from sun, as does the flower form which 'resonates'. People feel a poetic resonance in sunsets.

My plant photography is drawn towards shapes reflecting aspects of the cosmos, such as stars or spirals, a resonance with universal nature.

Artists and Resonance

"Peace and Plenty and domestic happiness is the source of sublime art'"   ~ William Blake


William Blake was concerned with resonance; showing meaning through his poetry, illustrations and paintings. Two aspects of Blake's concern - 'heaven and hell' - family happy lightness vs mankind's struggle.

'Teach These Souls to Fly' - A mother guides her baby to fly in lightness and happy colours.

'Second book of Urizen' - Blake's mythical figure Urizen from a series of related works, is always depicted as being part of the struggle of humanity, controlling, forcing things, working against harmony. In this painting he has a red orb which may signify the world on fire with wars, as Blake lived through the French Revolution and free America. More on Blake 

The Value of Vision - Art for the people or as artist self indulgence

Popular, commercially viable art has to be valued by the majority of people. Most people want to see 'pleasant' 'nice', 'pretty' representations of the world, which is why nature photography is perennially popular; because nature always shows balance of design.  People also recognise emotional stories they can empathise with, so artists who can show this are respected.

Nature images please us by reminder of the natural world or of abstract ideas which portray a vision: then we might say by comparison that art which does not have an inspiration from 'beautiful vision' lacks a philosophy which might be important to communicate - and ultimately to enhance society in any era.

Art is made when the artist wishes to resonate with a perception he has.  We can ask if there can be a point at which such expression has little or no quality to resonate with viewers:  whether it is a 'good' or 'uplifting' visual experience, or mere subjective self indulgence. Art Nouveau, Pre Raphaelites, Romanticism and Impressionism depict uplifting images and scenes.   Surrealism and some Abstract Expressionist painting expressed 'angst'. [Ernst war, Kooning women]

All art is a synthetic representation of life experience, as seen or felt by the artist.  However, if we hold that art with a powerful resonance to move people inspirationally is beneficial to society, then we can suggest that 'Synthetic' art may be considered as having been made with no real 'vision' to resonate inspiringly with others.

With some art the meaning becomes confused, obfuscated or meaningless; nowadays seen in 'synthetic' art. [link]  Postmodernism has had a strange influence on art which has come to light in exhibitions and public sculpture, where it has become more concerned with political agendas and nihilism.  In an era where we do not experience war first hand, people seem to invent their own persecutions as victims.

07 Apr

Tulip Beauty Salmon Van Eijk

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Tulip Salmon Van Eijk

Salmon pink when closed.  Cerise-magenta centre when open.  Deep violet star shaped centre around violet stamens. Tulips follow the sun while open.

Salmon Pink tulips were early bloomers in 2021; all growing tall.  Pale salmon pink from the outside, but with dramatic navy-violet centres.

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10 Jan

Castles and Cathedrals

TINTAGEL CASTLE Cornwall England



Tintagel Head is in a well protected prominent position, to view all ships approaching.  There is an old mooring on the north side deep harbour, used by ancient traders. Originally there was a land bridge from mainland to castle island before the rock caved into a ravine.  The many steep steps are seen in my photos, up both sides, mainland and the Head.  Climbing up the many steep steps carved out of the rock face gives a good idea of how difficult it would have been to breach the castle fortress.  The cave is reputed to be Merlin's cave; it tunnels right through the island from the beach at low tide, out to an ocean opening on the south side.  Part of the castle ramparts still exists on the mainland. (Since my visit, a modern bridge has been built joining the two sides).

[Add notes from museum]


King Arthur sculpture is so designed that the winds play in the hollow spiral form inside the bronze ‘body’ sounding like a low voice. Visiting on a very windy day enabled me to discover this.  Arthur died 537 A.D.

Many legends associate King Arthur with Cornwall.  He was said to have been born in Tintagel, at the home of Gorlais, Earl of Cornwall. It was here that Uther Pendragon seduced Igerna, Arthur’s mother.  The castle ruins at Tintagel are 11th century, but there are signs of a much earlier settlement.  Merlin’s Cave is below the castle is known as and the magician is said to haunt it.  Arthur is said to be reincarnated as a Cornish chough.


The Celts who arrived in Cornwall between the 6th and 4th centuries BC, constructed hill forts and some 40 cliff castles throughout the country.  This remaining castle they think was built by Kings in 1100-1200s but built on top of a pre-existing Celtic site.

Many archaeological finds of luxury pottery from the Mediterranean, Aegean and Africa and glass from Spain have been found, showing the long history of trading in the area.  Some historians believed it to have been a Celtic monastery.

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09 Jan

Eden Project Plants

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Image authors own: Hop terrace, and lichen covered engraved wooden totem poles.

The Eden Project is a group of biomes housing Tropical and Mediterranean plants, with corresponding equatorial temperatures kept optimum year round.  The quarry dip situation allows a sun trap for many flowering plants to thrive outdoors too.  Full setting built in an old china clay quarry; a Cornish industry.

The quarry has been organised into different planting areas, including a hot weather planting scheme on the south-facing north side with unusual plants. Cornwall benefits from a specific warm maritime Gulf Stream climate of mild winters.

Sun Bromeliad Fascicularia bicolour from coastal forests of Chile.  Will survive in Uk to -5C.

Echinacea, pink petals when peak flowering. Used medicinally to enhance immune system and treat diseases of the respiratory system.

Common names: American coneflower, Black Sampson, Black Susan, Comb flower, Echinacea, Echinaceawurzel, Hedgehog, Igelkopfwurzel, Indian head, Kansas snakeroot, Narrow-leaved purple coneflower, Purple coneflower, Purpursonnenhutkraut, Racine d'echininacea, Radix Echinaceae, Rock-up-hat, Roter sonnenhut, Scurvy root, Snakeroot, Sonnenhutwurzel

28 Oct



Patterns of light on water are like music;  with waves, rhythms and vibrations.

All energy is light. All light is energy.  A brilliant physicist who wrote about this was Walter Russell who clearly determined all life and our existence is the energy of light waves.  He was interesting because of his skills in painting graphicsto augment his understandings.

Walter Russell

Physics of light energy

The University of Science and Philosophy

Compendium of work based on Walter Russell philosophy and physics.
Learn more

Dan Winters - visionary of the new physics - connecting human life force with the electric universe seen and unseen.

Our own electric field from heart generation, corresponds to that of the formation of natural forms, like pinecones in spiral formation.  Winter's past work has explained how the DNA is the shape it is, the energy-shape of life, as in the medical symbol of twin spiral caduceus, and how life forms from a vortex (bliss/conception).  See phase conjugation, collapse/implosion and fractal charge page with beautiful graphics video of DNA as perfect receiver.  The new physics includes zero point energy 'energy from the vacuum'.  Gravity (by itself) does not exist, only by the balance of the unseen force with the matter of Earth which creates the Shumann Resonance.

Diagrams in video show the resonant field array of Earth.  Winter's forthcoming film will show the resonant energies of Earth in relation to consciousness of beings.

Credit: Dan Winters
13 Jul

Resonant Visions Design

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Design Philosophy

I observe the many ways in which nature has already worked out the most harmonious construct in its forms for us to admire.  As such, my work falls into the traditional design category of offering the harmony of the natural environment in designs to enhance our everyday experience; photographs and designs which give focus on the essence of form and place as an aid to keep our spirits in resonance with the natural world.

Seeds to Scenery

COSMIC DESIGN - Early drawing gave me an insight into the fascinating structure of plants perfected by nature's evolution, which cannot be improved upon.  Harmonies and patterns between the minuscule and the magnificent are embedded in the wonderful energy field patterns of nature seen in flowers, seeds, shells, pinecones and more. If we time lapse a plant growing, it does so in spiral form, just as the solar system is travelling through the galaxy; the planets spiralling around with the sun.   The energy hub from centre of flower to bulbous creation of seeds at the centre, is the power of the torus energy from the vortex. I'm hoping to combine geometric patterns with natural forms, reflecting formation from cosmic energy, light and water in circular and spiral growth patterns.

Textile Design
Designs from Photographs
Photography Trips
Photographs can be purchased in full size resolution and up to 55 inches wide. Please enquire (To be marketed in future when paper/material decided). Mural commissions taken for any image, or adaptation thereof.