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Land - Water - Rocks - Plants - Lichens - Pools - Seeds - Trees - When exploring the natural world I look for rhythm and pattern; harmoniously embedded lines, curves, colours, and shape of organic structure. Drawings, designs and paintings develop from these observations. Spin boxed links to Posts and Post Galleries.

Growth and Decay

Outward patterns of new growth, fresh stars, spirals: and inward patterns (entropy) of decay; layers break down.


SEA - RIVER - POND - Wave, Movement, Ripples, Transparency, Reflections, Flow, Vortices, Tides


Lichens, for their colours: yellow, orange, green, black, white with an ability to survive on the minimum life support of simple dampness. Thrive on coasts.


Circular, rosette and spiral pattern formations.

Seeds and Pods

Pods and Seeds because they include both interesting sculptural growth patterns, as well as texture and colour of decay,  whilst simultaneously representing the germ of new life - the cycle of nature.


Trees in parks, forests and beach cliffs. Trunks, roots, leaves, bark, moss - symbiosis.
Trees By The Beach
Trees by The Beach


Geometry extends in all directions with the shapes of leaves. The main player in the natural environment, leaves have always featured in designs.

Leaf Design

Ancient forms; fractal repeat of structural pattern.


Star moss tiny little tree forms.
Moss covered trees in temperate rainforests of South West England

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